Maluti Sky Baggage Policy

Cabin Baggage: Each passenger is entitled to one piece of Cabin Baggage at a maximum weight of 7kg per bag. For adults a small handbag or Slimline laptop bag is also permitted.

Checked Baggage: A free baggage allowance of 20kg per adult and child, and 10kg per infant is included in your ticket.


Excess Baggage: An excess baggage charge of R26 per kilo applies for bags heavier than 20kg. Please note that checked bags may not exceed 32kg in weight.

Strollers: One collapsible stroller per child/ infant is allowed.

Wheelchairs: There are no baggage charges for wheelchairs where the passenger is dependent on it.

Sporting equipment: Golf bags and bicycles going into the luggage hold are charged at R350 per item. Bicycles need to be securely packed in shipment boxes, and golf bags need to be securely closed. All other sporting equipment forms part of the free baggage allowance of 20kg per passenger, after which the excess baggage fee of R26 per kg applies.

Musical Instruments: Musical instruments carried in the cargo hold need to be packed securely. Maluti Sky is not liable for damage to musical instruments carried in the hold. Smaller instruments that are properly packed and can be safely stowed in the cabin are permitted as part of the 7kg cabin baggage allowance.

Perishable goods: Perishable goods that are properly packed, at a maximum of 12kg per passenger, is allowed as part of your free baggage allowance of 20kg.  Please note that Maluti Sky is not liable for spoilage of such items.

Cremated Human Remains: Maluti Sky accepts Cremated Human Remains as cargo on condition that the carrier thereof is in possession of the correct documentation (certificate of cremation) and that secure packaging is used. Maluti Sky is not liable for damage or spillage.

Fragile Items in Baggage: Maluti Sky is not liable for breakage of fragile items in checked or cabin baggage. Please ensure that these are properly packed and clearly marked as fragile.

Items not allowed in cabin baggage: The following are considered dangerous articles and may not be carried in cabin baggage:

  • Axes and Hatchets
  • Ammunition
  • Baseball Bats
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Box Cutters
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Corkscrews
  • Cricket Bats
  • Crow Bars
  • Disabling Chemicals or Gases
  • Electronic Cigarette
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Flare Pistols
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hammers
  • Hockey Sticks
  • Hunting Knives
  • Ice Axe / Ice Pick
  • Large Heavy Tools (Wrenches, Pliers etc.)
  • Martial Arts Devices
  • Metal Scissors with Pointed tips
  • Pepper Spray
  • Pool Cues
  • Portable Power Drills
  • Razor Blades (not in cartridge)
  • Religious Knives
  • Screw Drivers
  • Ski Poles
  • Spear Guns
  • Stun Guns / Shocking Devices
  • Swords
  • Tear Gas
  • Toy Weapons

Any other items of a similar nature are not allowed.

Firearms: Maluti Sky does not accept firearms of any kind for transportation.

Dangerous Goods and Security:

For your safety the following items are prohibited on board all Maluti Sky flights:

  • Explosive munitions, fireworks, toy gun caps and flares.
  • Gases. Flammable, non-flammable, deeply refrigerated aerosols, gas cylinders, lighter and butane gas hairbrush refills and liquid nitrogen.
  • Flammable Liquids and Solids. Paints, thinners, solvents and firelighters.
  • Magnetized materials, such as a compass.
  • Teargas, such as self-protection mace canisters.
  • Substances liable to spontaneous combustion and substances which on contact with water emit flammable gases.
  • Oxidizing substances (such as bleaching powder and peroxides).
  • Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Corrosives (such as mercury, acids, alkalis and wet cell batteries).
  • Hair curlers containing hydrocarbon gas. No more than one per passenger or crew member, provided that the safety cover is securely fitted over the heating element. These hair curlers must not be used on board the aircraft at any time. Gas refills for such curlers are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage.
  • Magnetized materials and miscellaneous dangerous goods as listed in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

First Needs Items:

Should your luggage be delayed for longer than 24 hours and you do not reside in the area where the delay has been reported, essential items such as toiletries and clothing can be purchased to a maximum of R300 per day until the baggage is recovered, limited to a maximum of five days. For all claims regarding loss, delay or damage to checked baggage, please contact us on +266 52500759 or +266 52500762.  

Right to refuse carriage:

Maluti Sky has the right to refuse carriage of baggage under the following conditions:

If such action is necessary to comply with any applicable laws, regulations or orders of any country flown from, into or over

If the carriage of your baggage may endanger or affect the safety and health of, or bring discomfort to, passengers and crew

If baggage is not in a reasonable condition or securely packed

If any item, because of its size, shape, weight or content, poses a safety risk

If any item, because of its size, shape, weight or content cannot be transported for operational reasons

Animals in Hold: Maluti Sky does not transport any animals in the hold of our aircraft.

Pets on Board: Maluti Sky does not allow pets in the aircraft cabin.

Service Animals: Service dogs are welcomed on Maluti Sky, provided the passenger they are traveling with is fully dependent on them. Arrangements need to be made with our offices at least 48 hours prior to your flight. Please ensure you have the proper identification and immigration documentation for your service dog when checking in.

Delayed Baggage: Should your checked baggage not arrive at your destination with you, please report it to a Maluti Sky representative (Maseru) or our handling agent, Swissport (Johannesburg), at their baggage office in the baggage arrivals hall so that your bags can be traced.

Lost or Damaged Bags: Bags that have not arrived at your destination must be reported to our offices within 7 days of travel, e-mailed to info@malutisky.com with the relevant passenger, ticket and baggage tag information. You can also contact our Handling Agent, Swissport, at the following numbers:

+27 (0)11 928 8611                          

+27 (0)11 970 4264          

or our offices at +266 525 00 SKY (+266 525 00 759)

Maluti Sky’s liability for lost or delayed baggage is limited to section 15.5 of our liability to baggage in the terms and conditions of carriage.

Please note that Maluti Sky is not liable for marks, dents and scratches on your luggage as a result of normal wear and tear.         

Special Care/ Fragile Bags: While we make every effort to ensure that bags and their contents are not damaged, Maluti Sky is not liable for damage to fragile items.

Security: It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the contents of your bags at all times, and to ensure that it is not left unattended in the airport building before check-in.

Baggage Hints and Tips:

You can take out extra insurance for your baggage.

Do not pack valuable items like jewellery, money, laptops or important documentation in your checked baggage. Maluti Sky is not liable for loss of valuable items placed in your checked baggage.

Make sure your baggage is properly labelled, secured and locked before checking it in.

Don’t pack any hazardous goods in your bag.

Put your contact details inside and outside your bag.

If you do have to carry valuable goods in your checked baggage, you have to declare the valuables and their value at check-in so that proper arrangements can be made, including extra insurance fees that may need to be charged. 

After checking in your bag, make sure you keep your baggage stubs in a safe place.

If you have fragile items in your cabin baggage, make sure you stow it in a way that does not damage the fragile items. Maluti Sky is not liable for damage to your cabin baggage.

Download our Baggage Policy

Maluti Sky Baggage Policy.pdf

"Maluti Sky is a very professional airline with friendly and quick service!
Thank you for the awesome journey!"
"Maluti Sky is a very professional airline with friendly and quick service!
Thank you for the awesome journey!"